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Elevate Ensemble

Elevate Ensemble

Elevate Ensemble’s mission is to bring people together using powerful musical experiences that highlight the incredible talents of the Bay Area music and arts scene.
We live in one of the world’s great cultural hubs, with no shortage of brilliant creative minds. The San Francisco Bay Area is changing the world—with art, with technology, with food and so much more.

Elevate Ensemble exists to introduce the Bay Area to the musical side of our creative culture, from rising classical composers to virtuoso young performers. We seek to foster a decidedly Bay Area culture of concert-going, to share the passions and visions that inspire us, and to propel our local musical talents onto the international stage.

We also believe that we’re stronger together, which is why in many of our events we collaborate with artists from other disciplines, including poetry, the visual arts, and the culinary arts.

Join us as we build an evolving musical experience tailored to our evolving San Francisco.