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California Mystics 2017

Featuring: Zoe Keating (live solo performance)
With: Mason Bates (DJ Masonic), DJ Justin Reed, Del Sol String Quartet; DJ Derrick Hena
Date: Friday Ap. 28th, 2017
Time: 9PM
Venue: DNA Lounge
Location: 375 11th St. San Francisco, CA

For this groundbreaking event we celebrated the revolutionary music of California composers Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Lou Harrison, and Zoe Keating. The evening featured a solo set by Zoe Keating (cello and loop ledal/efx), as well performances of Reich’s Drumming and Nagoya Marimbas, Del Sol String Quartet playing Harrison’s Estampie, and Riley’s In C. Derrick Hena of the legendary Pink Mammoth Burning Man camp headlined the post-party.

Performer Links: Justin Reed