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Mini Series

Mercury Soul: Cathedral Episode 4

Live September 5th @ 1pm PDT
Release Date: September 5th @ 1pm PDT

This episode opens with one of the most soulful compositions in classical music, Jules Massanet’s “Thais Meditation.”  Another perspective on meditative music is explored by pipa player Shuxin Meng in a performance of a Chinese folk song.  Trumpeter Matthew Ebisuzaki floats jazz riffs on a downtempo composition by Mason Bates, who also contributes the piano solo “The Caged Bird Sings.”


Massanet – Thais Meditation (Eclecta String Quartet)

Bates – Sideman (Matt Ebisuzaki, trumpet & DJ Masonic)

Chinese traditional – Falling Flowers Coloring the Green (Shuxin Meng, pipa)

Bates – The Caged Bird Sings (Elyse Weakley, piano)

Bates – Glitchy (Brass Over Bridges, brass quintet & DJ Masonic)

Mercury Soul: Cathedral is a 4-part miniseries of meditative music and electronica that showcases a vibrant new way of presenting live music digitally. Filmed in the sumptuous Saint Joseph’s Arts Society in San Francisco, the series features the seamless alternation between classical music and DJing for which Mercury Soul has become known.

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