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Rob Garza

Rob Garza

A vanguard in his own right, Rob Garza has consistently pushed conceptual frontiers, succeeding in an intercontinental legion of musical prowess and accomplishing a covetable sonic narrative.

The San Francisco-based producer and co-founder of Thievery Corporation, known for their holistic performances and electronic-infused modifications of dub, trip hop, reggae, and bossa nova, has maintained a prolific career owing to his ever-evolving taste and diverse influences based off the cultures and styles encountered during his travels. Constantly inspired by his surroundings and experiences, Garza’s artistic foresight has always supported a fundamental motif of connecting people through music. As a solo artist, Rob Garza infuses his own adept house and nu-disco artistry into every one of his productions, boasting a specific style that is perceptive, powerful and globally-stimulated.

Elementally defined by his unique perspective, Rob Garza’s work is a glowing attraction to the relationship between human emotion and musical expression, while his sonorous and multi-faceted output continually strengthens the backbone of his experiential pedigree - a distinctive merit that remains uniquely unmatched.

Appearances: Danzon 2018