A Blog is Born – Mercury Soul

A Blog is Born

And so it came to pass that Mercury Soul begat a blog, and that blog sired many children in the coming years. And those future blog posts will look across the club/classical universe and report back about That Which Is Cool.

All manner of voices will speak here. As Mercury Soul has grown from a 2-man band to a large community in San Francisco and beyond, it’s become necessary to develop a space where our ideas can run wild. Folks within the organization, such as our general manager Marko Bajzer or our longtime collaborator DJ Justin Reed, will report on artists, ensembles, and venues that resonate with our community of musical adventurers.  We’ll also welcome posts from members of our house band and visiting artists. Mercury Soul’s mission is to bring DJs and classical instruments together with imaginative production in clubs, so there’s a rich menu of topics.

DJ Justin Reed and Masonic (Mason Bates) spin at Mercury Soul.

As we’ve birthed each show – each with a carefully-constructed thematic and flow – we’ve found ourselves reaching into many amazing but disconnected musical corners of San Francisco. Connecting the dots between the folk music of Hot Buttered Rum and Bela Bartok, we started to realize that Mercury Soul has become a kind of Silk Road of the club circuit. The period-instrument ensemble of Philharmonia Baroque never, ever plays with DJs – but there they were, 300-year old instruments (including a harpsichord) rocking out over techno. Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza hasn’t been paired with the groovy music of Astor Piazzola, but he did on our show. Those connections are what makes our show unique, and we want to share our process.

Rob Garza with the Mercury Soul Orchestra

We’ll also post about anything else that inhabits a sympathetic vibe, from  Odesza at the Fillmore to Tycho at the Kennedy Center.  If you like the alt-electronic sounds of Housepitality or the indie classical zone of MagikMagik, keep an eye on this space.  I’ll send missives from the Grammys next month; Marko and Courtney Wise will send radio transmissions, Mars Rover-like, from Burning Man; and we’ll repost important revelations from guest artists such as Zoe Keating or Gavin Hardkiss.

Stay tuned for important updates about our coming shows this spring! 

Mason Bates
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