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Following the success of Mercury Soul: Cathedral, a meditative mix of classical music and electronica that received close to 300k views online, Mercury Soul releases its second music video series in Spring 2021. Mercury Soul: Green Gables showcases the idyllic outdoor settings of a historic estate designed by the noted architects Green & Green.  Antonin Dvorak’s “American” string quartet is paired with the world premiere of “Fiddle Caprice” by composer Alisa Rose; Mason Bates reimagines a Baroque work by Barbara Strozzi; and Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza debuts a single off his new EP.

Alisa Rose with quartet members as they play in the idyllic landscape of the historic Green Gables.

Recent Productions


Alisa Rose featured in Mercury Soul: Green Gables

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August 13, 2020

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Mercury Soul engages a new generation of music-lovers through performances combining classical music and electronica in alternative venues with immersive stagecraft and elaborate production.

In The Press

“[Mercury Soul] aims to present ‘classical music in new ways to a new generation.’ Pairing the orchestra with electronic music and bringing both to new audiences is a noble pursuit, and Bates… should be applauded.”
“Mercury Soul brings classical music into [the club], blending it in with the beats of DJs, and making it relevant to the club crowd. The encounter of the old with the new worked seamlessly.”
“At a time when symphony orchestras nationwide are trolling for audience magnets — the type of new material that can lure members of generations X & Y along with older subscribers — Bates just might have that bait.”
“In spite of his young age, one can already perceive in Shwartz the lineage of the true ‘maestros.’”
“Patterson’s visual additions were at once properly subdued and brilliant, elevating music and text into a complete and sensory experience.”
“Many artists in one of these worlds have dabbled in the other. But Bates is the first to carry on two careers in tandem, and win credibility in both arenas.”

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